The client wanted his logo to illustrate his bold and unique personality. His vision for his logo was to be different from what one would expect a ‘typical’ clinical psychologist’s branding to look like.

He also wanted the logo to illustrate the two diverse techniques in which he specializes: heart-centered hypnotherapy and neurological brain processing. Although these two disciplines seem diverse, they work together to create wholeness and healing in his clients.

These elements were brought together in an on-trend x-logo, completed by his initial J, and the Greek Psi symbol, which indicates the discipline of Psychology.

logo icons design for local psychologist

The four main elements of the brand identity.

logo design for local psychologist

The full logo.

logo design rebrand for local psychologist

An alternate landscape version of the full logo.

full brand identity design with typeface recommendations

Extract from the brand board delivered to the client, highlighting the brand identity elements and typeface recommendations.

brand identity design for local psychologist

The inverted, white-on-black version of the logo, as requested by the client./p>

unique and fancy business card design

A unique business card design, designed to the exact specifications of a playing card, as requested by the client. The printing costs for this business card was outside of the client budget, so we redesigned the card to fall within the client’s printing budget, as shown below.

business card design for local psychologist

The redesigned business card, still retaining the inspiration drawn from the playing card idea.

appointment card design for local psychologist

Appointment card design as requested by the client.

custom letterhead design for local psychologist

The custom letterhead with recommended brand identity body text, set up as a Word template for the client’s convenience.

logogram for local psychologist

The logogram without any text.


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