best graphic design for business in cape town

The core values of the client’s brand are transparency, good communication, balance, structure, order, integrity and giving.

The client liked the idea of an arrow head as a visual component in her logo, because it is symbolic of being direct and streamlined. Below we illustrate how we evolved this concept from literal to abstract.

brand identity design for local consultant

The full, final logo.


The alternate, landscape version of the logo without the tagline.

design elements that make up brand identity

The colours, logogram and typefaces that form the core of this brand identity.

modern business card design

The business card design is clean, modern and crisp.

company portfolio flyer

The company portfolio flyer forms a cohesive unit with the letterhead and businesscard.

custom designed letterhead

The customized letterhead, provided in template format, using the recommended brand identity typefaces.

basic website design on a budget

The budget for this client’s website was limited. We designed a simple, yet functional and informative one-page website. The website is fully responsive across all devices and screen sizes. View it live here.

logo design process for local company

This is an extract of our earlier conceptual sketches. Here we illustrate how the concept, drawings and logo evolved from a literal concept into something abstract which suits the brand.


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