Terms of Service

Thank you for visiting my Terms of Service page.

There aren't too many terms and conditions. I'm not fond of writing them out - but it is your right, as my potential client, to be informed.

  1. In the event that I am unable to provide services due to a conflict with my faith, I reserve the right to respectfully decline a working relationship. I take no responsibility for any offence taken or damages incurred by the affected party.

  2. The client is obliged to comply with the terms of payment as is set out on their quote and invoice. Non-payment will result in increased fees, resulting in legal action at the end of two months of non-payment after work has been delivered.

  3. First-time clients will be required to pay in full before delivery of completed work. (They will, of course, be shown the work throughout the entire process, and their input will be applied. This is just to avoid client disappearance and non-payment issues, which is an unfortunate reality that creative professionals sometimes have to deal with.)
thank you!