Tech Specs: The Grateful Heart Skill Set

Industry-Standard Media Development Software

Beautiful visual assets should be created in the correct programs. This maximizes the versatility of the visual asset and ensures that it is as future-proof as possible. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign are industry standards for graphic design. I love each of these programs and greatly enjoy working with them. Because these programs are so powerful, there is always something new to learn. I am privileged to use them. These programs are also constantly being updated and fine-tuned by developer-teams in order to accomodate the ever-evolving needs of modern creative professionals.

Manga Studio is my preferred program for raster-based drawing illustration. I love its simplicity and intuitive nature.

My favorite text editor for web development is Atom, which integrates seamlessly with the GitHub workflow.

Logo Design, Mascot Design, Visual Assets and Illustration

Web-design and Development

I have become passionate about building beautiful and fully mobile responsive websites. I can build:

Currently, I am studying JavaScript through Treehouse and am efficient in the following:

This website is designed, developed, optimized and maintained by myself. If you are looking for a simple, user-friendly and completely mobile responsive web presence, I can create the perfect website for you.

Layout Solutions

Technical Aspects of Optimal Design Output

Design for print is different to design for web. Within design for print there are different formats and appropriate colour profiles, depending on the printer, substrate and scale. Within design for web there are just as many possible formats and output options, each to be assessed according to the variables of the project at hand. Knowledge and confidence in this aspect of design is key.

I make sure that I observe best practice where it comes to my design workflow and output. When I am designing for print, I take care to communicate with the printers to make sure that my output is correct acording to their specific requirements. By keeping my communication with my client's printer open, I can guarantee the best possible result.

When I design for web, I make sure that I am abreast of the latest standards in web-development, and I am aware of the specific considerations concerning content and optimization for speed.

Taking care of these aspects ensures maximum job-satisfaction for me and a stress-free experience for my client.

Design, Art, Colour and Typography Theory

I have a well-rounded education in all of the above. It is a pleasure for me to continue researching the field of theory and to stay abreast of current trends. Practical applications include but are in no way limited to choosing the best colour palette, successfully pairing fonts and making the right layout decisions.